Canceling orders for days your store will be closed

This article will teach you how to quickly adjust an order when your store is going to be closed, so that an order is not delivered to you. In Supplyit, we call these types of adjustments a blackout adjustment.

Warning: You must delete orders that have already been created by you or Supplyit. This is because adjustments only apply to newly created orders.

Adding a blackout adjustment

  1. Click the Add Adj (Location Closed) link in the left-hand workflow navigation. This brings you to the Adjustments tab in the Orders section
  2. Click Add
  3. Fill in the new adjustment's details:
    • Type - select purchase for orders you buy from a supplier or select work for in-store production plans. You will almost always need to select purchase. This is because purchase orders are the ones you place with suppliers and that get delivered to you.
    • Contacts - for purchase orders select the supplier you want to cancel the order for. You can leave (All Suppliers) selected, but if you do this you must also check the Lock Status box. For work orders, there will not be a contact box because your store is the one making the order.
    • Dates - select the date range that you will be closed. The range should not include any dates you are open.
    • Shift - leave (All) selected
    • Percent - enter -100 
  4. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page

Note: If you will be closed for one day, the start date and the end date will be the same.

Viewing your blackout adjustment

  1. Click the Adjustments tab
  2. Select the type of adjustment you just added (most likely Purchase)
  3. Look in the table and you should see the adjustment you just created listed as Blackout with a red -100% percentage

Deleting orders already in Supplyit

  1. Click the View Orders tab
  2. Check the box next to the order(s) for dates that you are closed 
  3. Click the Delete Selected button at the bottom of the page
  4. Click OK in the pop up box

Note: Always make sure to review your orders if the date you created the adjustment for is close to the date(s) you are closed. If the order has not been created yet, then you are all set with your blackout adjustment.

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