Adding a template order

This article will teach you how to add your template order. Adding a template order for a future date allows for preparation for things like a manager's day off or can be used if you accidentally delete your standing order.

Note: You can only have 1 template purchase order and 1 template work order per day per shift. If you try to generate an order on a day and shift where you already have a template order, the system will not let you create it.

Creating a template order

  1. Click on the Add Template Order step in the left-hand workflow navigation
  2. Select the order type: choose purchase for your standing order with a supplier; or choose work for your recurring production plan
    • If you selected purchase, click Add Contacts in the upper right-hand corner of the contacts section, then select the supplier you want to buy your purchase order from
    • If you selected work, you do not need to add a contact; the contact section will automatically select your store for your production plan since you are making it
  3. Select the date you want the order delivered/made on 
  4. Select the Shift
    • If you selected purchase, choose the shift you want the order delivered on
    • If you selected work, choose the shift you want the order produced on
  5. Click the Generate Orders button. This adds an order based on the information you selected above and the information on your order template.

Warning: Be careful when generating orders for dates that are very far away. If you do this, new products that are not available today but become available later will not be on those orders.

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