Adding a Template Order


All locations and suppliers have the ability to generate future orders.  This feature allows preparation for something as simple as a manager's future day off or as complex as the planning that is associated with upcoming high volume events.


Location Console > Orders > Add Orders > Template

Filter Criteria

Order Type: Purchase orders are orders received from a supplier. Sales orders are orders that a supplier will be producing. Work orders are orders that are produced or finished in-store.

Contacts: All active contacts will automatically be included when generating orders. A location with more than one supplier can add contacts to choose the orders that they would like to generate.  A supplier can add specific locations if they do not want orders to generate for all contacts.

Date: the day that the order should be generated for

Shift: the shift that the order should be assigned to

Clicking "Generate Orders" will add an order for the specifications that have been selected by pulling the order information from the order template for the corresponding day of the week and shift.

Tips and Tricks

Suppliers are able to select "Override status constraints" in order to generate orders for a date and shift that has orders that are no longer open.

Best Practices

  • Please note that with forecasting enabled the order(s) generated will be based on the last four corresponding days' of actual usage. This will be determined by the last four corresponding days' orders minus the waste that is entered in the Supplyit for those days.
  • When generating orders for dates in the distant future, please be mindful of any products that may not yet be available from your supplier. These products would need to be manually added to your future order.

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