*New - Product Menu Picker


The picker allows a location to view products by applying filter options.  The show details option displays additional product information such as item numbers, unit price and product images.

Navigation: Orders > Add Orders > Special Orders

Add Products:

Order type, contact (if applicable based on order type) and order date is displayed.

Select Products Window:

Supplier Filter
Customer Filter
Ability to toggle between available catalogs or any.  Defaults to catalog set under Preferences.
As set in the Supplier location
Customizable in the customer location
Descriptive word or item number for the product
Restricted to active and supplied products as set by the supplier
Ability to select inactive and/or unsupplied products as set in the customer location
Customizable under Administration > Catalog > Groups
Customizable under Administration > Catalog > Labels

Supplier Filter Options:

Customer Filter Options:

Best Practices:

  • Inactivating products will keep your product list relevant to what is currently being ordering or produced..  
  • Creating custom groups and or labels will help in filtering products by type or specialty.  This customer filter allows the location to overlay the products with it's own grouping and not be bound by the suppliers.

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