Standard Location Training

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Overview: Who we are and what we do

  • Company: Jera Concepts

  • Product: Supplyit™


Main Goals

  • 1st  - Get Week of CML orders into Supplyit

  • 2nd - Work with orders, enter throwaways, run reports

Navigating to the Site  

  • Login  Username: _________________________________ Password: ___________________________________

    • Changing your password: Console menu… Change password

  • Navigating the Site

    • Relocating if you have access to multiple locations

    • Menu System (workflows)

Order Templates

  • How is the order template different from an actual order?

  • Order Templates: Orders=>Templates=>Purchase=>Edit

    • Adding and removing products

    • Editing a product

    • Bulk editing

    • Viewing Supplier Rules

 ------- BREAK (after entering your orders templates)


  • Viewing Orders – Criteria area – Filtering type

  • Green (open, can make changes to order)

    • Viewing item usage history

    • Adding an order adjustment

    • Exclude an order from forecasting

  • Yellow (can enter store corrections – requests for credits)

  • Red (closed can no longer enter requests for credits)

  • Red $ (invoiced, no more changes)

  • Printing the order worksheet

  • Deleting and generating an order


  1. Printing a waste worksheet to record waste

  2. Creating a waste record (from an order).


  • How can adjustments be used in your store?

    • A store is closed (Christmas -100%, will not get product from CML)

    • Increase or decrease the amount of a product you are getting for a period of time – use during seasonal changes, holidays, special events.

    • How to enter an adjustment.

Special Orders

  • Creating

  • Supplier rules – Supplier can turn on or off. If on best to link to regular order as the regular order will round and create a store to store order.


  • Order, Product, & Product Activity Statistics


  • In-store productions

  • Forecasting

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