Location Preferences


Interface preferences set the default behavior for different sections of the site. Preferences are a syncable object. 

Preferences Sections

  • General: Default catalog, workweek for date control and workflows

  • Orders: Default order view, order generation schedule, rules and quick splits

  • Reports: Default preferences by report for daily reports 


Workflows are a series of steps that guide you in completing tasks while removing unnecessary steps/processes.  Workflows follow a sequential order ensuring that all steps have been completed correctly.


From a location navigate as follows:

  1. Administration=>Preferences=>Workflows=>Add

  2. Name= Workflow name (appears as a dropdown to select on location console navigation panel)

  3. Save changes

  4. Add (workflow item)

  5. Name = Step name

  6. URL = Page it will open

  7. Description = more information

  8. Index = order on list

  9. Save changes

  10. Repeat for all steps in workflow

Sync Workflows - If you want all locations to share the same workflow, build a workflow in one location and set that location to sync with all others. Changes made in the main location will be made in all locations it is syncing with.

From workflow list

  1. Copy
    1. Type = Between Locations

    2. Level = Hard

    3. Keep targets in sync = Yes (checked)

    4. Source = Location that has the workflow to copy

    5. Destination(s) - Add Locations using location picker

    6. Select workflows to copy

    7. Copy


From the location you are using as a template location navigate as follows:

  1. Administration=>Preferences=>Workflows=>Edit

  2. Make changes and save

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