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Managing Users

Users are managed from the account console. Users can not be deleted. Inactivate a user if they are no longer going to be logging in to Supplyit.


Account Console=>Users=>Add or Edit

The user details area allows changes or entry of the following information. Usernames are unique across all Supplyit users not just account users.

  • Full name

  • User type (see below for user type permissions)

  • User status

  • Username (unique across Supplyit, can be an email)

  • Password

  • Save changes

  • User locations - add the locations that the user should have access to

  • Save changes

User Types and Permissions

Account Administrator 

  • Should be limited to account's upper management.

  • Can only be removed or edited by contacting an Account Manager at Jera Concepts.

  • By default has access to all consoles and functionality contained within each.

  • Able to edit/update location information, groups and labels. 

  • Can add/remove and edit locations for account users, location administrators and location users.

  • Allows reports to be run for all locations without relocating.

Account Users

  • Assigned to a user that manages multiple locations.

  • Access is managed by the account administrator.

  • By default has limited access to the Account Console and access to their locations under the Location Console.

  • Able to update their location's contact information.

  • Able to add/remove and edit locations for location administrators and location users under their designation.

  • Full access to all activities listed in the left sidebar menu under Location Console.

  • Allows reports to be run for all locations without relocating.

Location Administrator

  • Assigned to a user that manages one or more locations.

  • Access is managed by their account user or the account administrator.

  • Unable to access the Account Console or user access for the locations.

  • Access to their location(s) under the Location Console.

  • Full access to all Activities listed in the left sidebar menu under Location Console.

  • Reports can be run for only the location that you are logged into.

Location User

Same as location administrator with one exception:

  • Samer functionality as location administrator but unable to access a locations administration functions. This is the most restricted user type.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Account Administrators and Account Users with assigned locations can search for active users, by location, from the Account Console by searching for the location and clicking on Permissions.  A list of users assigned to the location will be displayed.
  • Location Managers who need login and/or password resets can contact their Account Administrator, District Manager or Support at Jera Concepts for assistance.
  • Users that do not have a location assignment will be displayed at the top of the page in a warning message.

Best Practices:

  • Users should be inactivated that are no longer part of your network.
  • Passwords should be reset following the initial login by clicking on the username at the top right of the screen and then Profile.
  • Generic logins should have a password reset when personnel changes are made.
  • Users that require access to multiple locations should be assigned as an Account User.

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