Supplyit Account Administration Guide

Supplyit is a web based platform that is primarily used as an operational tool for forecasting and managing fresh item productions for retail locations and as a production, ordering, inventory and invoicing platform for central kitchens.

Supplyit Structure

Supplyit’s organizational unit is an account. Accounts contain one or more locations. Every location in Supplyit can act as a supplier, an in-location producer, a customer or any combination of these roles. The account console is used to manage global objects such as locations, users, and catalogs.  The location console is where operational functions and location configuration is done.

Catalog Items and Products

Catalog items are available to all locations.  Items are added in the account console but configured and managed in locations. Items in locations are referred to as products. Items need to be added to the account catalog prior to being configured in a location.

Global Management

Supplyit offers copy and sync tools for applying the same changes or configurations across may locations. Some objects, such as order templates, are specific to a location and do not lend themselves to global management. These objects can be managed through the exchange link using imports and exports, Supplyit's API or in the user interface from inside the location. 

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