What hosts are required to be accessible behind my firewall?

For customers who are behind firewalls that restrict access to external domains, we provide the following the list of hosts that provide some services used within Supplyit. Some features may be broken if users are not able to access content hosted by these platforms.

All hosts provide content that is accessible by HTTPS.

Our public website
supplyit.jeraconcepts.comSupplyit's primary domain
CDN for hosting reports and some images
help.jeraconcepts.comJera's support site
www.google-analytics.comTracking to better understand usage, identify missing content, etc.
maps.googleapis.comGoogle Maps related materials
www.google.comreCaptcha, charting and support libraries
ajax.googleapis.comGoogle related support libraries
www.gstatic.comGoogle related resources
recaptcha.google.com    Google's reCaptcha

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