Managing Messages

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The Messages feature in Supplyit is a tool that can be used to communicate information to locations assigned to your login or contacts that are customers of the location you are messaging from. Messages composed on the account level can not be posted to contacts. A message composed in a location can be sent to customer contacts only.


Supplyit Site Administrator's use messages to relay information regarding the status of the site, upcoming Enterprise promotions and important release information.  Accounts use messages to relay contact information and processes as well as product promotion details.


Click login name at top right of page->Messages

Creating a Message

  • Click the compose link under messages. If your user type does not have permission to create a message, you will not see the compose option.
  • The compose message will appear.
  • Select the criteria you want for the message. If you want a user to acknowledge the message select the request receipt.
  • Create your message and add the recipients (locations or contacts) that the message should display in. Save your message.

Inactivating a Message

  • Click the sent items link under messages. Edit the message that you want to inactive.
  • Change active to no and save your changes. Your message will no longer appear in the recipient contacts or locations.
  • You can also delete a message if you do not wish to keep a copy

Message Filters: Messages are divided by three tabs Received Items, Sent Items and Compose

Message Type: The default is Bulletin and is used by Account Administrators to post a message to a single location, a group of locations or the account.  Account Users are able to post to locations associated to their login.  News can only be posted by Jera Site Administrators.  

Active: You have the ability to select if a message is active or inactive for a selected date.

Request Receipt: When checked recipients will be asked to confirm that they have received the message. The composer can view the responses below the message.

Date: Date of message posting.  A composer is able to change the date for messages that are repeated in the calendar year.

Status: Messages with a status of 'high' will appear expanded on the home screen and be flagged with 'Attention.'

Messages with a status of 'medium' will be collapsed and be flagged with 'Important.'

Subject: Title for your communication that will be displayed on the home screen.

Message: Pasting a message will cause issues with formatting.  Messages should be composed in the editor.  There are a limited amount of formatting options available. Messages are limited to 4,000 characters.

Recipients:  Select locations which will receive the message via their home screen.

Tips & Tricks

  • Active messages can be viewed on your home screen and are managed by clicking on the Messages link. 
  • Messages can only be deleted or inactivated by the composer. 
  • The composer can be seen at the bottom left of the message.
  • Archiving a message only hides it from the current logged in user.
  • Best practices is to review and inactivate messages that are no longer applicable or current.

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