Scanit User Guide


Scanit is a mobile app that uses your device's camera or scanner (for devices that have a scanner) to scan QR codes to enter data into Supplyit. The data packets synchronize with Supplyit where the records can be added as assets, wastes, inventories, or surveys.

Installing and configuring Scanit

  • Install the Jera Scanit App on your device (search Jera Scanit in Apple App Store or Google Play)

  • Configure to use with Supplyit. Scanit=>Gear Icon=>Scan Credentials

  • Scan the API User QR code provided by Jera. The API QR Code can be accessed in Supplyit once an API user has been added to your account. Account Console=>Users=>Edit (API User)

  • Click Scan to display the API user QR code

  • Select your input option, the packet type, and the location that you want to use (if you have access to more than one location).

Troubleshooting Options

  1. Reset scanner credentials to see if this resolves scanning issues. Click the "Reset" button on the settings pag and then scan the QR code. If this does not resolve the issue proceed to step 2
  2. Go to Settings, Advanced, "Enable Debugging" and attempt to scan again and then copy/paste from the bottom of page. After enabling debugging, text will start to appear at the bottom when rescanning an item. If there's an error. an explanation might be given in the content at the bottom. Remember to turn debugging off once your issue has been resolved.

Creating Scanit QR Labels

Scanit uses QR Codes that can be generated and printed from Supplyit. These labels contain information about the product, question or asset in the location. Follow the instructions below to create your labels and record packets for Supplyit.

Location Console=>Reports=>Other Reports=>Printed Labels

  • Type=Assets, Inventory, Waste or Survey
  • Add the products, assets or questions that you want to print labels for. Selecting inventory or waste labels will produce the same label and can be used to collect data for either in Supplyit.

  • Select label type (when printing the labels on a PC uncheck the fit to page option - the margins will decrease. If you do not do this your labels will not print correctly)

Sample QR Code

Recording Data with Scanit

  • Scanit=>Scan Icon (top right yellow QR code)

  • The camera or scanner will launch to allow you to scan a QR Code

  • Once scanned, Scanit will display the item/question (if you are online, Scanit can operate offline and will sync when the device connects to the internet) and a value box for you to enter a number. Enter the quantity for the item and click the save button.

  • Repeat above for each item

Recording Asset, Waste, Inventory or Survey record from Scanit Data

Scanit can add values for the same item together for inventory and waste packets. If you scan items in two or more locations, choose to have the packet values combined when you add your record.

  • Log in to Supplyit and relocate to the location where you recorded your data for
  • Click the Waste, Inventories or Surveys link (determine by data collected in Scanit)
  • Click the Add Waste, Add Inventory or Add Surveys link (determine by data collected in Scanit)
  • Click the Add from Scanit link
  • Select the date range and check the packet to create the new record
  • Click Aggregate duplicates
  • Click the Add Selected Items button to add the record

Note: If a packet fails to be added to Supplyit you can access it from history on the scanner and then sync again.


  • You can print your labels on plain paper and laminate them. When using for inventory, placing the label in the stockroom near the items that you are taking inventory on. Use double sided velcro so the labels can be easily moved if you want to change where your stock is located.

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