About Supplyit

What is Supplyit?

Supplyit is a web based platform that bridges the gap between traditional back office systems and the operational processes needed to manage fresh items. Supplyit focuses on the steps required for more accurate ordering, simplifying production processes and waste reduction. Whether you operate central production facilities, use third party providers, are an in-store producer or manage grab-n-go environments, Supplyit can help you manage your processes better. 

Native Supplyit functionality is used to perform daily operations in simple or complex food service environments. Supplyit's data exchange and API can be used to assimilate or share information with external systems. The Supplyit platform was engineered to work in network environments from global configuration to reporting across many locations.


As a SaaS solution, there is no equipment to support or upgrades to manage. Supplyit can be accessed from supported web browsers on computers, tablets and other smart devices. Upgrades are released weekly with minimal user disruption being a top priority. The simplicity of the interface results in less training and higher engagement. 

Core Functionality and Configurations

Central Production Facility

Supplyit can be used to manage facilities that produce and distribute items to a network of locations.

In-Store Producer

Supplyit can be used to manage standalone facilities that produce and sell their own products

Grab-n-Go Facilities

Supplyit can be used to order and forecast Grab-n-Go products supplied from third party vendors

Central Ordering Portal

Supplyit can be used for managing orders across locations for a third party supplier. A location can act as a central ordering portal where orders are collected. These orders can be reviewed and then sent via our data exchange, API or manually to your supplier for fulfillment. 

Inventory Solution

Supplyit can operate as a stand alone inventory and collection tool as well as network inventory solution for multiple locations. 

Data Collection Platform (Surveys)

Supplyit's Surveys can collect and report on any data point for a single location to a network of locations. Surveys are flexible data entry forms that compare data collected to a range of acceptable answers. Customers can create and report on any checklist items they want.

In addition, Supplyit can provide a network of locations with a means for collecting data for other systems. Using mobile technologies groups can capture data using Scanit (Jera's mobile App) or a tablet. This data can then be shared with other platforms using Jera's API or Imports/Exports from our Data exchange.

Our Team

We take the time to understand your various business configurations and we build the entire account for you. We provide in-person training as requested and work closely with your departments to provide ongoing education. Our team has experience with many production configurations and will proactively review locations to share best practices or note infrequent use. We understand the challenges of implementation, change management, and employee turnover and know how to ensure success.


The platform was designed for managing foodservice. Our customers report significant reductions in waste and increases in sales by using Supplyit because daily in-store reports are easy to use and improve production, ordering and waste management.  Supplyit’s network reports give individual, district and regional personnel intelligence to make quick decisions and adapt to changing consumer preferences. 

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