Entering a Special Order


Special Orders are used to obtain an order that is in addition to a template order or when a template has not been created. A special order is also used in locations that are forecasting when additional product is needed for an event.


Provides the location with a special order form in addition to the daily order form.  A special order is excluded from forecasting, so it will not impact your daily order forecasted values. Special orders are a useful tool for specific customer order requests.


Location Console => Orders => Add Orders => Add Special Orders

Specifying Criteria

Order Type: the type of special order needed. For an order received from a supplier, this would be purchase orders. For an order produced or finished in-house, this would be a work order. A supplier entering an order for a location would select sales orders. If a location finishes products that are received from a supplier, the location will need to add two special orders: a purchase order from the supplier for the unfinished product and a work order for the finished product.

Contacts: you must choose the appropriate supplier for a purchase order or the appropriate location for a sales order.

Date: the day that the special order is needed.

Shift: the shift that the special order is needed for.

Notes: you may enter any information for the order: customer name and/or phone number, pick up time, additional instructions for the order.

Related Items: to be checked when adding a work order or sales order that is dependent on the product received on a purchase order.

Add Products: Select the products needed to fulfill the order.

Clicking "Add Special Order" will bring you to the newly created order so that you can enter order quantities. Be sure to click "Save Changes" when all of the starting order quantities have been modified.

If you have chosen related items, you will need to relate the upstream order items to downstream order items first. Once all relations have been saved, you can continue by clicking "Downstream Order Details" and enter the order quantities.

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