How do I request a credit?


Credit requests are entered directly in a processed (yellow) order.

Entering a Customer Correction


Location Console=>Orders=>Click on the order that you want to request credit for (the order must be processed (yellow)

Click the Edit Correction link  and in the Customer Correction column, enter the number that you did not recieve or that were damaged as a negative quantity. Credit requests are always entered as negative numbers. Save your changes when you are done entering all of the credits for the order you are on.

Adding a Note

When requesting a credit you can also enter a note that explains the reason for your request. When the supplier reviews customer corrections, the note will be present and may help them determine if a credit is due. 

Click the Edit link at the top right-hand corner to enter a note. Type your notes and click save.

Best Practices

If forecasting is being used, entering overages/shortages in the order will ensure that usage is correct for forecasting.


Some suppliers close orders in which case you will need to contact the supplier for credits.

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