How do I find my supplier's phone number?


In Supplyit there are several ways to find your supplier's contact information: while viewing order details, from a report, or from the Directory. Please note that any issues with orders should be directed to your supplier directly and not to Jera Concepts as we are not able to resolve these matters.

View Orders

  1. Browse to an order from your supplier
  2. Directly below the Order Date click the "v" icon to expand the box
  3. Your supplier's contact information will be displayed

Order/Packing Delivery Report

If your supplier provides you with a delivery ticket for your order their information can be found at the top left hand corner of this report.


A listing of contact and locations can be found under the Directory tab on your Home screen.

  1. Click Home at the top right of the page
  2. Click the Directory tab
  3. Your supplier should be listed under "Contacts"

Check your Home page message board for specific contact information posted by your supplier.

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